He needs to get to the vet, but his owner knows she will not be able to pay for it. Let’s help Boz!

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Senior Boy Boz!

Boz is a good boy, and a very sweet senior. He has a number of chronic health problems as a 13 year old little man, but recently he’s obviously got some bad teeth.

His owner, Victoria, reports that he has some swelling under his eye, and is chewing on just one side of his mouth. On looking in his mouth, it is obvious he needs some dental work.

Boz also needs to get an ultrasound and some other check ups, he has had some kidney and prostate problems in the past. The problem is that going to the vet is something Victoria cannot afford. She is on a limited fixed income, and has no credit available either.

So let’s get Boz into the vet and check out, and get that tooth fixed! All donations here are just for Boz, and are paid only to his clinic!

Vet estimate:

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  • Beverley Huppert

    Stay strong little Boz – I’m sorry you’re hurting. I’ll pray for you and your mom. Hopefully all will be well soon. Love to you and mom, b

    January 16, 2024 at 1:53 pm Reply


    Have been there with pups -thank goodness owner sees the need and loves their pup enough to help

    January 17, 2024 at 4:58 am Reply