Boots can't walk on his back leg! He escaped out of the front door and was found by the neighbor but now he has a limp... probably hit by a car!
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Boots was made for walking but currently needs to have x-rays to see what happened to his leg.

Boots is a nine month old kitten. Elizabeth’s, his owner, aunt had a litter of kittens and Elizabeth took Boots. Last Saturday, Boots got out of the house for a few moments… by the time Elizabeth had realized he was out, the neighbor had him in their hands. He had a little scrape on his leg and wasn’t putting weight on his back leg.

There wasn’t any witnesses to answer these questions so Elizabeth is left to think he was hit by a car.

Elizabeth took Boots to the vet and got the estimate along with a week of pain medicine. After a physical examine the vet thinks the femur or pelvis was injured and the next step would be to take a x-ray to see if there is a break.

Due to the kittens age the sooner the better for the fix. His bones are still growing and it would be the worst for the bone to grow the wrong way.

Elizabeth and her family are getting ready to bring in a new baby and all their funds have gone towards the new baby coming.

Vet Estimate for X-rays

Luckily, Boots is still eating and drinking. The only time he meows is when someone touches his hip area.

Help Boots get back to walking on all four legs!

Free Animal Doctor raises money for procedures or surgeries when their owners need some assistance. Free Animal Doctor pays 100% of the money raised directly to the animals vet.

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  • Terry Maynez

    Praying the goal is reached so Boots can run around like a 9 month old kitten should

    September 17, 2019 at 10:08 pm Reply