Three, that’s the magic number! He had to lose a leg, but this guy is fabulous still.

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Seven dogs running in streets.

Small, stray, scared.

We sent our rescue team, and managed to save four of them, including this little guy, Bolt!

We believe all seven were dumped by someone. They were at a busy intersection, and sadly three were killed. Bolt was probably hit by a car, he had a dislocated hip, as you can see in this x-ray below:

We got him surgery to fix his leg, but it did not take and about a week later the doctor determined it was too painful and damaged. He would need amputation.

The good news is that it was a back leg, which is much better for them to lose… and there is a saying in the veterinary community “Dogs are born with a spare leg”! Tripods (as we call them) live full and happy lives. He is out of pain now, and in fact the recovery from amputation is faster and easier than the hip repair surgery!

But we have had some serious expenses here. The first surgery was already a lot, and now this unforeseen amputation. You can see both bills below, even with the low price AND discount, the total is still a lot for our team! We need your donations to keep rescuing dogs like Bolt. His three companions are now safe, up for adoption, and living in great foster homes. Bolt will be too, he just needs a few more days at the doctor’s to make sure he heals up great… and they have a nice kennel and exercise area there, so he is in a good place right now too!

You can follow our rescue team and the amazing Faith Easdale (voice in the video above) here: FAD Rescue Project Facebook Page.

Thank you for your kind donation to Bolt, and if you can’t donate right now, please share his fundraiser to help spread the word, it is genuinely appreciated!!

Vet bills (click to enlarge):

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