Boby needs to see the cardiologist soon to get on the correct heart medicine. His heart is two sizes too big!
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Boby the Dachshund 

This 11 year old fur child is in need of a cardiologist exam. Boby’s left side of his heart is enlarged. He is now having trouble climbing up stairs and having a hard time breathing. He also suffers from “reverse coughing” and fluid build up in his lungs. Eti, Boby’s mom was advised by his doctors that it is related to his hear condition. 

Eti adopted Boby

Boby was for adoption with a Dachshund rescue. Eti took him home but soon realized… he was a biter!! He seemed to have had a rougher upbringing and had a little aggression. After him biting her and cutting her hand open, Eti contacted the rescue and asked for help. The organization said put him down there’s nothing we can do. Eti knew she couldn’t do that, Boby went to boot camp for a few weeks and had his behavior corrected. Now Boby is the reason why Eti gets up in the morning.

“I never treated him like a dog always like a son!”

Eti is on a fixed income and has serious health issues herself. However, she always puts her dog-son first.  She has already paid for Boby’s first rounds of exams and medicine. In October Boby had pneumonia and had to take antibiotics for 30 days. He was also taking Laxis for his fluid build up. Eti is now asking for help to see the cardiologist. The cardiologist will be able to see what Boby needs.

Boby’s Vet Estimate- cadiology estimate 10-17-2018 1302.00

Boby is my pride and joy… my little son!


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  • Lea Mohr

    I hope Boby gets the help he needs!!

    November 22, 2018 at 8:37 pm Reply