Blue is in need of scrotal ablation
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Big Boy Blue

The last month Xavier, Blue’s parent, noticed that Blue’s walking and body movement was a little different. This is when Xavier noticed that Blue’s testicles were swollen. This was alarming for Xavier and knew he had to get Blue fixed.


Earlier this week Xavier tried to get Blue neutered. Xavier was able to get a voucher to have his neuter paid for since he wasn’t able to raise the funds for his surgery. Xavier took Blue to see the vet to proceed with the neuter but once the vet saw Blue it was clear that Blue needed more than a neuter.


Blue is a family dog and has been with Xavier since he was three months old. One of Xavier’s college teacher’s gave him Blue. Blue has been with Xavier for the last seven years and Xavier wants him to be with the family for another seven!

The vet suggests having scrotal ablation. Estimate: Fax 2

Blue isn’t in any pain at the moment but the sooner he gets surgery the better everyone will feel.


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One comment

  • Barbara

    Hope this helps Blue start the new year healthy!

    December 31, 2018 at 9:40 am Reply