Betty Cat

Rescued kitten won’t eat, and needs surgery for badly inflamed gums urgently.

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About the Campaign

Little stray kitty has Stomatitis.

Betty was trapped by cat rescuer Tracy Goldman, along with two momma cats and some more kittens. They were all feral, so Tracy got the adults spayed and they returned to the trailer park where they live. But the kittens could all be domesticated and are adoptable. Tracy got them all their shots and tests, and good news is that none of them have feline leukemia or FiV!

Betty however has seemed to not be eating much recently, and her breath is very bad. Looking in her mouth, Tracy got worried and took her to the vet just this week. The diagnosis is Stomatitis.

Stomatitis inflames the gums, like a very bad case of Gingivitis and may involve the immune system turning on itself. It is not fully understood. The treatment, which is very successful, is to pull all of the teeth. Cats treated for Stomatitis recover and have normal lives, but without treatment it only gets worse and will lead to death, often from starvation.

Tracy has gotten a very low rescue price for Betty, so it is a great chance for small contributions to really go a long way and give this little stray cat the full, happy life she deserves. All donations are for Betty only and paid right to the vet. Estimate is here, click to enlarge:

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  • Samantha Acey

    Feel better soon Betty ❤️

    May 11, 2024 at 4:16 am Reply