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She has a growth deep in her nose that is possibly fungal.

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Tumor in her nose

Bella is a sweet Pittie adopted from the animal shelter about 9 years ago.  She’s had little bumps and tumors for years, and some minor surgeries to remove them. Two years ago a couple of them came back as cancerous, and she has been taking Prednisone and doing quite well.

Bella when she was feeling better:

But this year she started having problems with her nose. Trouble breathing, mucous and recently this sad, sunken look:

Her owner Mariah took her to an oncologist and Bella has a large growth inside her nasal cavity. It could be cancerous, but they also think it could be fungal. The problem is that this area is all soft tissue, and very hard to get to, so a CT Scan and scope are need. Based on that the doctor will then be able to scrape out the nasal cavity, and if it is a fungus the medication has to be applied directly in there.

This type of diagnosis and treatment is not cheap, but Mariah started a new job a couple months ago and has been saving up. Bella has had a couple ER visits due to bloody noses, which were expensive… but Mariah has about half the cost still available, so Bella just needs to get the remainder to get her tests and treatment done! All donations are only for Bella and paid directly to the vet when she goes in. A copy of her estimate is below, click to enlarge:

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  • Samantha Acey

    I have an angel who had nasal cancer, Penny. If you encounter more bleeds Yunnan Baiyao tables are great to help lessen them. If sweet Bella has cancer there is a great Facebook group, Canine, Feline, and Equine Nasal Cancer Support & Awareness Group, with wonderful members

    May 8, 2024 at 6:38 pm Reply