She broke her arm and needs to go back to the doctor right away!

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August 1, 2023: Bella was rechecked and is going to be OK! She does not need a new cast, nor x-rays. All donations have been refunded.

Bella broke her arm in June,

and had a cast for a month.

But she is not doing well, needs to go back to the doctor.

Bella before her injury:

Bella is just a little over a year old, and she is a jumper. She jumps at the door, at the gate, at the fence, at the air. She jumps! In mid-June her owner Amanda heard a sudden yelp and ran to the yard, Bella was lying there and her left arm looked weird.

When stood up, it dangled in half, clearly broken!

They took her to the vet right away and she was put in a cast. The doctor thought that would be good enough, and she went home with pain medications. A month later the cast came off. Bella had a slight infection, a skin rash from the cast, but otherwise was OK… but she wasn’t actually.

She has been limping and now the arm looks a little bent (you can see in the video above).

Her family is short on money right now, and they do not have any credit available having actually used Care Credit last year for their other dog. They spent about $600 on the treatment so far, and that’s about all they have. Maybe they can help with about $100 only.

Bella and Fifi (the other dog):

The good news is Bella only needs about $500 or so to get a new x-ray and re-cast. Hopefully that will be enough. And all donation here are held by Free Animal Doctor and only paid to the veterinarian!

Vet estimate (click to enlarge) -This is the cost for the last treatment-

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