Baby Cat

This cat wasn't able to potty for days
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Baby Cat

This beautiful three year old male cat wasn’t able to pee for days. His owner, Isabel was in dire need of seeing a vet immediately. Isabel wasn’t able to pay for vet care she so contacted a local cat rescue to help. The rescue was able to get the cat into the vet the next day. The vet diagnosed Baby with feline urological syndrome.  Baby was treated with medicine had a two day stay at the vet and now is back home, happy and safe. 


When Baby was about a week old, Isabel’s daughter found Baby under a car. They waited a day to see if Baby’s mom would come back to him….she never did. That is when Isabel took Baby home to the family. The whole family took him in and bottle fed him until he was old enough to eat on his own. “


Emotional Healer

Baby cat spreads his love. Whenever Baby feels someone in the family needs love he will spend time with that person. Isabel says “one day he will be with my son and the following with either me or my daughter, he knows who needs the love.” He loves to be told how handsome he is. Baby even knows how to give kisses.


The vet was nice enough to leave the vet bill open to help the rescue and Isabel raise money for Baby.  Any amount of donations would be grateful.



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