She needs follow up chemotherapy after extensive radiation treatment and surgery that was successful!

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Cancer survivor

Kitty needs follow up treatment

Baby and her owner are in a difficult situation. The good news is Baby has been treated for cancer, but with surgery and radiation treatments and it went very well. But, this cost a lot of money. Now Baby needs a series of chemotherapy treatments and money/credit are tight.

Leela rescued Baby from the animal shelter and has had her for many years. In April, at a routine teeth cleaning and check up, this tumor (see below) was discovered.

The doctor removed it, they did radiation therapy, Leela spent thousands of dollars. A tumor was also discovered on Baby’s spleen, and has been tested. Now Baby is doing very well, but to get the benefit of all these treatments and what Baby went through, she needs a set of chemotherapy. And Baby needs everyone’s help to pay for it.

She will be doing treatment that is about $600 every two weeks, and then slowly backing off to every four and then six weeks. All donations are only for Baby, and paid only to the vet!

Vet bill for one chemo session (click to enlarge):


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