Babee Eyes

Her eyes hurt, swelling and chronically dry. She is already blind, and need surgery to remove them.

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About the Campaign

Her eyes hurt!

You can see Babee pawing at her eyes in the video above. 

Babee is a senior girl, rescued from a hoarding situation in California, now with Soul 2 Soul Animal Rescue in Oregon. She had tumors and terrible teeth, and that has now been treated and she has recovered.

She was blind when rescued, and it was hoped with good treatment and diet, and perhaps a little medication, her eyes would be ok, even if they don’t work. Problem? They haven’t been ok.

She has chronic dry eye and medication isn’t helping. Her eyes are crusting over, and it hurts to blink. Also, they are prone to infection and swelling. The bottom line? She needs surgery to remove them. This will relieve pain, that she clearly is in, and it will be much healthier and stable for her.

All donations are only for Babee, paid to the vet, so if you can help her get out of pain and live her final years in a happy and comfortable place, please consider a donation right to her! Thank you.

Vet estimate, click to enlarge:

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