Needs heart surgery, or eventually her heart will stop.

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About the Campaign

She’s only 5 years old!

Little Autumn has a heart murmur. For four years it has been treated with medication, but now is at the point where surgery is required, or her heart will fail.

Autumn’s Story

Four years ago her owner, Adrian, was walking his dog Heidegger in Fresno near Highway 41. Just a normal day, out for a normal walk… and suddenly a car pulls up and stops beside him. Inside a woman rolls down the window, and hands this little dog out the window.

(Heidegger, left; Autumn, right, in pink vest)

“I just found this dog on the side of the highway, can you take it?”

Adrian was startled, and took the dog, but didn’t know what to do. And then the woman drove off. That was it! Out of nowhere, he suddenly had Autumn in his hands. No leash. No collar. The lady that handed Autumn to him, gone!

Autumn’s Heart Condition

Adrian hoped he might find Autumn’s owners, but no one ever contact him. He took her to the vet shortly after getting her, and the vet diagnosed her with a heart murmur, a condition where the heart valve doesn’t work perfectly, causing blood to build up in the heart. It is potentially fatal. More on heart murmurs is here.

Adrian took her to a cardiologist, a heart doctor, and Autumn was prescribed medication and had a check up every 3 months. This went on for four years, all well and good….. until this year. Recently Autumn’s murmur has gotten worse, and the medication has less effect. The bottom line is that surgery is required.

The Cost and Change of Doctor’s

When Autumn received this diagnosis, the doctor gave a verbal estimate of about $7000.00 total for the surgery and the various tests and medications needed both before and after surgery. He was retiring, and ultimately the surgery would be done by another doctor he referred Adrian to. Since then, Adrian found out about Free Animal Doctor. Usually we ask for an estimate we can publish a copy of, but we don’t have one in this case. Autumn will be going to the new cardiologist Oct. 9th for a pre-surgical exam, and we will get a detailed estimate then. In the meantime, she needs to start her fundraiser, because it is a lot of money to raise!!

Financial Situation

Adrian has some money to contribute, and has paid for Autumn’s care and medications up until now. But he is a part-time professor at Fresno City College, which does not pay a lot, and he has had even less teaching hours recently due to less classes being offered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He set up a GoFundMe, which you can see here, that has raised a bit under $900. With his GoFundMe and such, we are looking to make up the difference of about $5500 for Autumn.

Please donate in confidence! We hold all donations and ONLY PAY THE VET when the procedure is performed. If Autumn does not receive the procedure, donations will be refunded. This little dog is still quite young, her prognosis with surgery is very good. Let’s get her better!!

Vet Estimate (click to enlarge):



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