This beautiful pup needs help with getting her cysts removed, she in pain!
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Diagnosed with sun cancer 

Angelina is a nine year old sweetie. She loves to play outside in the yard. Angelina’s either playing with her dog son, Magic or laying in the sun. Due to Angelina’s lifestyle she developed cysts on her belly and inner legs where there isn’t hair to protect her skin.

Surgery is important. Angelina’s cysts are filled with blood and are very sensitive. Any little touch the cyst will open up and bleed out. The vet said the earlier these cysts are removed the better. The cysts could open up and cause an infection.

Sun care treatment

After being diagnosed with these cysts the vet gave Angelina a great outcome once the cysts are removed. Until surgery the vet recommended to only let Angelina be outside in the sun for an hour a day and to put sunscreen on her and Magic when they are out in the sun.

What Angelina means to her family

Jenifer has a son with Down Syndrome and Angelina and Magic mean the world to him. Jenifer got Angelina nine years ago as a puppy. She is part of the family and Jenifer wants there to be no suffering. Jenifer is the only one working and has a daughter in college and a son that has aids which are paid out of pocket.

Please click the blue link for the vet estimate: Angelina Vet Estimate

Any donations would help!

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