Attacked by other dogs, she has been surrendered and her rescuers need help with the bills for her extensive injuries!
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Six dogs need help! Left alone for months after their owner died.
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Larry is on his third medial patella luxation surgery. His mom a college student needs assistance with hopefully his last surgery.
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Cola's airway is swollen causing it hard for him to breath, help Cola get his polyp removed.
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Desiree has cancer on her thyroid. The mass is making it hard for her to breath, it's like breathing through a straw.
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Lilly is completely blind in her right eye and slowly loosing her vision in her left. She needs diagnosis to see if she will be a candidate for eye surgery.
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Attacked by a large dog, her family dumped her --pregnant!!-- at the animal shelter. Needs urgent surgery.... oh and guess what.....
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Marisa had a stroke and needs to undergo some additional testing to figure out what caused her stroke.
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Kayla has reoccurring UTI's and needs an x-ray and urinalysis to diagnose her cause
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These little sisters all need dental work done.
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