Needs a heart procedure. This stray dog and her friend have a forever-home ready, but Marilyn needs surgery first! Your donation gets her healthy AND a home!
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Perry was being listed on Craigslist for FREE from Guatemala, Jennifer took him in but now he needs major dental work.
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Family dog diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (IMPA), after spending thousands on the diagnosis the family needs help paying for the medicine and the check up test.
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This beautiful pup has lost a leg and now needs surgery to remove his mast cell cancer.
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Diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). Surgery is needed in order for him to walk again!! The surgery has an 88% recovery rate.
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Janett Randle rescues many many dogs. A recent rescue of 6 puppies with Parvo turned very expensive and she needs help from rescue supporters to cover vet bills and save more dogs!
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She is a service dog for a man with a brain injury, and needs urgent surgery and medical tests. We have arranged for significantly discounted vet care, so your donation goes very far for Athena!
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Intercepted at an animal shelter to be euthanized. Two huge bladder stones.
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Scooby's doctor highly recommended an echocardiogram as soon as possible to diagnose his enlarged heart
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Ollie stopped eating and the initial vet visit didn't give any answers.
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