How to Adopt:

Demand has really increased for our pups, so we have now added an online Adoption Application! We have tried hard to keep it is short as possible, but we take adoptions seriously, and have serious questions to ask. Please complete our Adoption Application and we will get back to you by phone ASAP!

Thank you, and WOOOF!


Sundays, 12:30-3:30 at RT Rogers Brewery: 38 E Montecito Ave #1, Sierra Madre, CA 91024


Adoption Fees

Free Animal Doctor is a 501(c)3 charity, and incorporated as a non-profit in the State of California. We ask for a $300 donation with each adoption. This is a donation, and may be tax-deductible for you.

Not all the dogs at our event are available through Free Animal Doctor. Some are with other rescue organizations we partner with. Typically their conditions are the similar, but may vary slightly.

Spring's Featured Pup: BOBBY!

Adopted Dogs


Coby was posted on Craigslist. Nobody had the time and effort to put into him. He is a 1 1/2 year old Yorkie. He came to use unaltered. He will be ready for adoption the beginning of April.
NOTE: Adopted April 28th, 2019


Quick facts!

Age: 1 1/2

Weight: 8 lbs

Good with: dog and kids

Maybe good with cats

Available dogs


Donnie formerly known as Greg. About two years ago a lady reached out to Free Animal Doctor to take Greg. Greg was given to this lady after she witness a man dragging him down the street on a wire behind his bicycle. The lady convinced the guy on the bike to give her the dog. FAD took Greg to the vet and he had a bruised leg and bad road rash. After he was healed Greg was adopted out to a family in Monrovia. Fast forward a year later summer 2018, humane society called FAD saying they had Greg. Greg was matted and had put on a lot of weight. We found out Greg had hyperthyroidism. He is now on the right amount of medicine, he had his teeth cleaned and the bad ones extracted! He was given a new life and a new name... Donnie. Donnie is a sweet boy and needs a home to live out the rest of his life at.


Quick Facts:

Age: 10

Sex: Male

Weight: 30 pounds

Breed: Poodle Mix

Donnie is good with other dogs and kids.

Daisy and Kodak

One of Free Animal Doctors volunteer was on Facebook and saw a post for a mother and puppy free to the first taker. Free Animal Doctor decided to take the pair. We are calling her Daisy and Kodak! Daisy is about 2 year old and Kodak is 11 week old. They are not ready for adoption yet but will be mid- April. Puppy still needs to be with mom.

NOTE: Both Daisy and Kodak have been adopted

Quick facts-

Momma(Female)- 2-4 years old - Weights 10 pounds

Puppy(Male)- 8 pounds- 12 weeks old HAS BEEN ADOPTED!! 

Both are potty trained. Good with other dogs and cats.



Autumn was a stray dog living in an industrial area in Los Angeles. Another one of our FAD volunteers decided to go try and get Autumn. FAD got her and did an physical exam and she was cleared. After a few weeks Autumn was still showing behavioral issues and not acting right. We took her into the vet again and she got a full body x-ray where the doctor saw BB's in her neck and shoulder. Her BB's were removed but she is a little skittish and shy around people. She will be better with older kids and in a calm environment.


Quick Facts:

Female- Shepherd Chow Mix- 55 pounds - 6 years old

Would like to be in a quiet home. Better with older kids.


Ringo had been roaming the streets when another rescue picked him up. For weeks the rescue tried to contact the owner ... no one came forward. He wasn't chipped and there weren't any tags on him. The other rescue reached out to Free Animal Doctor to take Ringo, they were full. Ringo is living with a foster and he does great with kids, other dogs and cats.

NOTE: Ringo has been adopted!


Quick facts-

Male - 3/4 years old- Terrier Mix- 18 pounds



About Gia:

Gia is a year old Afghan hound terrier mix. She’s active, agile, friendly with cats, kids, and dogs. Needs an active owner(s) who can exercise her and keep her mentally stimulated. She does great in agility courses and is a fast and eager learner. She was surrendered because they didn’t have the proper gating and could escape easily. They just got tired of having her picked up by animal control and almost surrendered her to the shelter.



NOTE: Maddie has been adopted to a great family in Chicago.



About a 6 years old, 20 pound, Poodle mix
Good with other dogs and cats
Good on leash
Good with all people including children
Playful, affectionate, cuddly yet not demanding
Good house manners
Very easy and adaptable would make a good fit for any family

Wally is staying with our San Diego Foster**


IMG_0155 3

Bobby is from the South LA Shelter. He was rescue only, stuck there for a month because he bit a kennel worker. Often biters are rescue only are put to sleep due to their inability to be adopted to general public. He is currently living with our foster to get generalized with humans. He is a little timid at first but opens up.

Bobby is a year old. He is a dachshund/ schnauzer/ poodle mix. He weighs 12 pounds but could use a few more pounds on him. Neutered.


One year old terrier dog found on the street. Pete came out of the shelter as Spanky. We have not remained him to Pete. He is potty trained. Great with other dogs. He wants to sit on your lap. Pete doesn't require lots of energy, he likes to go for short walks.



One year old male.

Neutered. Up to date on shots.

11 pound but needs to add weight.

Monroe and Marilyn

Mother (Monroe- Light Purple Harness) and Daughter (Marilyn- Dark Purple Harness)Bonded Pair


These two ladies were found on the street by a Free Animal Doctor client. After a month of looking for their parents no luck. This is when they came to us. They are both in good health. They do need to be spayed soon. We are looking for an adopter to take both of them. They are a strong bonded pair.





Monroe- 7-9 years old. Female. 13 pounds. Spaying is appointment coming soon.

Marilyn- 3-5 years old. Female. 11 pounds. Spaying is appointment coming soon.

Both dogs get along with other dogs.

Bear Jay

Found in the middle of the street during rush hour. This dog was matted and and malnourished. After a hair cut and a bath wash, this Pomeranian needs a new home. He had a chip but it wasn't registered to anyone but the vet office and they had no important other than he was now about 11 years.

Bear is a sweet tempered dog. He is potty trained, doesn't bark and is motivated by treats!


AGE: 11

WEIGHT: 18 Pounds