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Meet Cashew! He is our newest rescue that is up for adoption. A fact about Cashew: HE IS HAPPY!

Cashew was found at a Stater Bros in San Bernardino, where someone called animal control. The officer brought him to the Devore shelter, which is one of the worst in Southern California. Fortunately, for Cashew, he made it out.

He came in with a badly damaged eye and was sent to a vet that partners with the shelter. The vet determined that the eye was not savable and he removed it. Cashew might be even cuter with just one eye.

We knew he had to get out of the shelter because they won't give him any antibiotics to stave off infection, nor pain medication, which he clearly needed. He went to our vet and the infection was already starting in his eye wound. But, we got him on the pain and antibiotic medicines he needed, and now his eye is healed and stitches removed.

Cashew is about one year old and unaltered. We will be working on getting him neutered before adoption. This is the happiest little dog we have ever seen. Cashew is just happy doing whatever you are doing. He loves people and other dogs. He has not been cat tested, but we think he will be fine, because he is just a little ball of sunshine. Cashew was the most popular fur ball on his first Runyon Canyon dog hike.

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Cashew on his first rescue dog hike
Cashew at his first Runyon Canyon dog hike


Wendy is a little gray schnauzer/terrier mix of about 9 years old. Poor little girl's owner passed away and a family member surrendered her to the shelter. She did not do well in the loud, stressful shelter. She was biting people and deemed unadoptable, which causes the dogs to be put on the euthanasia list.

We saved her just in time and she is safe now. Wendy takes time to warm up as she is very timid and shy. But once she warms up, she is very loving, loyal and becomes attached.

Wendy is a very sweet girl who cannot wait to find her forever person to love. She is spayed and house trained. A beautiful soul!

Little gray dog
Wendy dog with a haircut.


Levi is a year and 3 months old Staffordshire mix. He has been in the shelter since he was about 6 months old, so around 8 months of his life in a cage. He is about 70 pounds, neutered and a smart boy. Levi loves to eat and this makes it very easy to train him, since he is also super intelligent. He just wants to be the best boy and please his person.

Levi's owner surrendered him to the shelter because he was humping her female dog, who was in heat at the time. But he has no behavior issues and is fully house trained.

He is strong dog and pulls on the leash a bit, but we are working on leash training. Levi is a very good boy, who is happy to curl up on the couch and watch a movie on a rainy day, or go on a hike or walk around the neighborhood.

Levi gets along with other dogs of all sizes but has not been cat tested.

Levi on the Runyon Canyon Dog Hike
Levi on the couch

Leo and Bean

Leo and Bean are two wonderful boys who were with our rescue about 6 years ago. Unfortunately, the adopter had some health issues and could no longer care for these two. So, she called us and we went to pick them up.

Bean needs to lose a bit of weight and he has a heart murmur which causes some coughing. He is an older guy of about 10 years and is neutered, house trained and a sweet boy.

Leo is a shih tzu mix who is about 6 years old and healthy. He is neutered and also house trained. Leo is a very chill guy who loves walks and/or naps.

We prefer they get adopted together, but they can be separated as well.

Bean at the vet
Leo on a stump


Coffee is an older gentleman of about 11 years. He wandered into a business back in the Summer of 2023 and collapsed due to the heat. The business owner called us and we rushed to get him.

Coffee had a microchip that was registered, very unusual in the rescue business. We called the owner listed and she didn't want him any longer, so we took him in.

He was in pretty bad shape initially. Coffee didn't have any hair on his head or back, he had an extremely bloated belly, bad teeth and dehydrated. We rushed him to the vet where he was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. Cushing's causes their hair to fall out, bloating and increased thirst. They drink a lot of water, which leads to urinating inside.

Good news is that Cushing's is very treatable with a little pill once a day.

Coffee is doing wonderfully now. His bloating is gone. His hair has grown back beautifully. He had a dental cleaning and some extractions, so no more stinky breath.

He is a great little man, super laid back and as friendly as can be. Great with other dogs, house trained and neutered.

Coffee dog in blue sweater
Coffee dog


Friendly, energetic and smart. Thumper is about 3 years old, a full breed Pomeranian, we think. He loves to run and meet other dogs in the park! He is playful with other dogs, never aggressive. He doesn't like to be picked up unless he knows you and you are his person.

Thumper was found stray on a lady's front porch. She called us and we went to get him. Initially, he had not been socialized at all and wouldn't allow any touching. He is totally over that now and is great around people and other dogs. House trained, neutered and ready for his forever home.

His ideal adopter will be physically active, he needs walks and runs. A great hiker! Thumper is smart, obeys commands, and will not run away. In the outdoors he can be let off the leash without concern, and would be a fantastic addition to adventures!

Thumper dog