How to Adopt:

Demand has really increased for our pups, so we have now added an online Adoption Application! We have tried hard to keep it is short as possible, but we take adoptions seriously, and have serious questions to ask. Please complete our Adoption Application and we will get back to you by phone ASAP!

Thank you, and WOOOF!

Featured Dog, PINK:


Adoption Fees

Free Animal Doctor is a 501(c)3 charity, and incorporated as a non-profit in the State of California. We ask for a $300 donation with each adoption. This is a donation, and may be tax-deductible for you.

Not all the dogs at our event are available through Free Animal Doctor. Some are with other rescue organizations we partner with. Typically their conditions are the similar, but may vary slightly.

Available dogs


Friendly, energetic and smart. Pink is 1 1/2 years old, pitt-mix... probably with another hunting breed like a retriever? She loves to play ball, chase little critters, and just run! Pink is playful with other dogs, never aggressive and submissive with people. She would be fine with children.

Pink has not been tested with cats, and she does like to chase cats she sees outdoors, but from our observations of her chasing small animals, she likes to chase, but does not attack the animal. She is very fast!

Pink's ideal adopter will be physically active, she needs walks and runs. A great hiker! Pink is smart, obeys commands, and will not run away. In the outdoors she can be let off the leash without concern, and would be a fantastic addition to adventures!



We expect she is a bit under 2 years old. Lily was a stray that hung around a school in South Los Angeles, she learned when the bells rang for recess and would come out to get food from the kids, who would pass it through the fence to her.

She is a clearly a poodle mix, friendly, house-trained. Her ideal adopter would be a family with children, she is very playful and social.



Under 2 years old, Scottie is a very loyal terrier mix. He has become very attached to his foster family, and may take a little time to "switch over" to his new family, but once he does he will be a very loyal dog. He is friendly, good with other dogs, and follows you closely, off or on a leash.

Scottie has not yet been neutered. We will have him neutered in early September. He can be adopted before then, with an agreement that you bring him to us for his neuter appointment, or it can wait until the neuter is done.



Terrier mix. Total character. Loves his walks.  Likes to watch out the window. Loves car rides. Probably best with kids over 8 years old. Can be with other dogs.  

Likes to sleep under the blankets!

Favorite hobby: licking human feet