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Episode 1: Drinking water too fast

Does your dog throw up after drinking water? He may be drinking too fast, a common issue with dogs.

Now of course, excessive drinking and throwing the water up after drinking can all indicate more serious issues, but let’s see if we can quickly and easily find a solution!

Your dog may drink too fast for a number of totally normal reasons, but it can cause problems. The most noticeable is that he throws up the water after drinking it, which can be really annoying as well as scary, and it can also cause bloat.

How to stop him from drinking so fast? First try: just put some ice in the bowl!

That’s free and easy! Throw in 3-5 cubes of ice. Your dog will probably lick around the ice, causing him to slow down. The cooler water is no problem either!

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Now that might not always be practical, especially if you are leaving the bowl of water out, so the next step is just to put some objects in the bowl. Easiest is to put a large object in the center of the bowl, like a heavy ball. A rock can work too. You want something big enough that your dog will not choke on it, of course!

If you are ok with spending a little bit of money, you can also buy a water bowl designed to slow down drinking, they work on the same principle. Also, for some dogs an elevated bowl can help.

Finally, and of course, if your dog continues to vomit up water, even after you have slowed his drinking down, it is important to have a veterinary exam.

Example of a "slow drinking" bowl at PetSmart: CLICK HERE

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