Update below (the shelter gave us the wrong dog)

Many saw the story of this little guy

During the big winter storm he was found on a tiny scrap of mud and debris in a flood channel in San Bernardino, California. Numerous social media posts went around, and a group of good samaritans managed to rescue him.


You can see him on the ground between the two men in the photo below. They managed to get a rope around him and lift him up. It was a great rescue! They did a good thing... but unfortunately they immediately turned him over to animal control. The shelter in San Bernardino is over-full, and though they posted for a possible owner, after a short time with no response he was put on the list to euthanized.


His shelter card:


A plea was put out to rescues and others to get him, if no owner showed up, but nothing was happening for him. The shelter named him Romeo, but no Juliet was showing until Cathi Perez got together with our rescuer Faith Easdale and went and sprung him from the shelter.

Look how scared he was in the shelter! (video below)

Cathi and Romeo (below)

Update March 4th:

The shelter gave us the wrong dog! They mixed up the ID numbers, and they were both small Terriers. Thankfully Cathi Perez ran down and got the correct dog as soon as we found out. Of course we are going to keep BOTH of them, and both will be getting vet care and then going to foster homes. Oh, and both will be adoptable soon!

So below is the "right" dog, the one that was actually in the canal:


Above: Cathi taking him out of San Bernardino City shelter. Below: In the car, transporting to his foster home.

We will be posting updates on both dogs and at their foster homes later in the week! Stay tuned, and follow us: