Pops A1767839

Pops was in the Los Angeles City Animal Shelter. We heard about him Friday, January 27th, from one of our fosters, Holly Green.

He was listed as blind, 14 years old, and shut down, just sleeping all day. Holly has a blind small dog of her own, and felt really bad for him. We contacted the shelter, and with the help of Terri Ferrell, we got him out that afternoon!

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Holly was crying, because of his condition. Big black much all over his eyes, and he would scream if you tried to touch his face, even slightly. So we took him to the vet Saturday morning. Big thanks to Westside Pet Clinic for getting him in right away!!


They did a number of tests, and fixed him up great! Light sedation, and they shaved and cleaned up his face. He has sores from where the matted fur tightens, pulls and literally rips the skin... that was what was so painful!

He also has a slight heart murmur, but his blood tests were all very good. He has a dental infection, and he needs a dental cleaning and possible extractions, that will be in two weeks. For now he is on a round of antibiotics.


All creatures deserve dignity. We, people, are responsible for dogs. We domesticated them, for our use and companionship. Their treatment, their dignity is our responsibility.

Pops now has his. He may get adopted, he may not. But his years will now be lived safely, with companionship, in dignity. We can't do it for all the dogs in the shelter, we do it for the ones we can. If you would like to support that, we would greatly appreciate a donation here:

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Update from Monday night, January 30th:

Pops got a nice sweater, and is much happier. He is allowing his face to be touched!


Update Feb 1:

Happy! Pops is playing with Willie (foster Holly's other blind dog, you can see him in the background). He has "mapped out" the apartment, and is running around. Appears healthy, now active. Doing really good. We think the antibiotics are also cleaning up the mouth a bit, and that also probably means it hurts less.