Charlie’s Story

Charlie had surgery Tuesday, March 22, 2022.

It cost $2300.00, donated by 31 people!!

Did you know that so far this year 100% of Free Animal Doctor campaigns have been a success? Compare that to other platforms like GoFundMe, which has a success rate estimated at about 10-15%!

It means a lot to Charlie, and his family, as this surgery saved his life:


Thanks to a number of anonymous donors and to:

Vanessa Stone, Jasmin Cristerna, Ivan Hernandez, Therisa Canizaez, Laura Buckles, Torres Mai, Margarette McConnell, Carol Kalinoski, Nelson Nantanapibul, Nancy Torres, Craig Harlan, Mary Ann Allen, Ellisa Naumann, Jean Sieloff, Les Cook, John Scull, Laura Anjoorian, Mimi Menzies, Julie Knauer, Chris Hall, Vicky Humbarger, Gordon Shotwell, Virginia Grandy, Marlene Licitra, Susan Lamb, and Jordan Sanchez.

You can see Charlie's campaign page, with some more info here: